Caring for Mature Trees

Caring for Mature Trees

If you have mature trees on your property, then you have something very special. Mature trees provide shade, clean air, and value.

Trees are an investment that need to be cared for in order to flourish. Some older trees may need more love and care than younger trees.

Today we are going to learn what you need to do to help keep your mature trees healthy and happy for many years to come.

Five Essential Tree Care Practices

1. Tree inspection: If you have just purchased a property you will want to have all your trees inspected, especially if you think you may have a mature tree.

During the inspection, a tree arborist will look for signs of disease and remove any limbs that may pose a danger.

2. Mulching: Mature trees need to be mulched at least once a year.

This will provide cover for the root system and give the trees much-needed nutrients. Mulching will also help keep your trees looking great all year long.

3. Soil management: Each year before you lay down your mulch you will need to have your soil tested.

This will allow you to place the right amount of fertilizer into the soil to give your trees a healthy boost. A balanced soil will ensure your trees live on for many years.

4. Pruning: This is also something that you will need to do every once in a while. Pruning should only be done by a professional tree service company to ensure the safety of your trees.

During the pruning process, dead limbs will be removed and cleared from your property. Also, any low hanging limbs that might pose a risk to your home will be safely taken from the tree.

5. Tree removal: When mature trees die or they become a risk due to a disease, they will have to be removed from your property.

By hiring a professional tree removal company to do the job for you, your property will remain safe.

Never attempt to remove a large tree on your own. Doing so may damage your home or your neighbor’s property and you may even get injured in the process.

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