Caring for Trees During Winter

Caring for Trees During Winter

Do you have trees on your property? If so, then it’s time to think about their care during the winter months.

Just like summer, you will need to do some things to protect the health of your trees. We are going to learn several tips that will help you care for your trees when the weather gets cold.

Four Wintertime Tree Care Tips

1. Wintertime drought: Most people think of drought during the summer months. But the wintertime can actually bring drier than normal conditions.

To help protect your trees during winter droughts, make sure to water them. Make sure to find out the recommended amount of water each tree needs.

2. Dead trees: Unfortunately, no matter what we do trees will die. Instead of letting them stay on the ground, you should have them removed.

Tree removal should always be done by a professional to ensure everyone’s safety. If you are faced with dangerous dead trees, contact a tree removal service as soon as possible. Dead trees can fall on homes or people who are standing around them.

3. Rodent control: During the winter months, food for rodents can become scarce. So to make up for a lack of nutrients, they will often eat the bark off of trees. This can cause damage, especially to smaller trees.

To combat this issue, paint your trees with a professional rodent repellent paint. This will keep mice and squirrels from harming your trees.

4. Cold stress: When the weather outside abruptly changes, this can cause trees to split open. While little can be done for larger trees, younger trees can be wrapped to prevent splitting.

Also, trees such as palms and other tropical trees may benefit from wrapping. Contact a professional arborist if you have any questions about this procedure.

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