Fallen Trees and Insurance Claims

Fallen Trees and Insurance Claims

Many of us look forward to enjoying the warmth of Spring and Summer but we should all be aware that these wonderful seasons also bring the most thunderstorms.

Storms are one of the main reasons healthy trees fall and it is important to know what insurance will cover you if a tree falls in your yard.

1. Structural Damage: Most homeowner’s insurance plans will cover damage repairs to your home, the tree removal and damaged structures in your yard.

You must already have your deductible paid before your insurance company will pay for the damages.

Most homeowner’s insurance will cover your claims as long as the tree fell because of circumstances that could not be helped. If a tree falls in your yard or on your house due to neglect then they more than likely will not cover your claim.

2. No Damage: There more than likely will not be any coverage if nothing is damaged. So you would be the one responsible for the removal of the fallen tree.

3. Fallen Tree from Next Door: If your next door neighbor’s tree falls and causes structural damage in your yard, your homeowner’s insurance will more than likely cover your damages no matter if the tree fell from your neighbors property.

4. Street Damage: If a tree falls in the street, most cities/neighborhoods have clean up crews that will take responsibility for the fallen tree.

You will still need to check with your city’s municipality to see who needs to take responsibility. Sometimes if part of the tree is on your property and part of the tree is in the street you will be responsible for what is on your property.

5. Car Damage: If a tree falls on your car then you will want to contact your car insurance even if the incident doesn’t happen on your property.

A lot of times, you will still need to pay for the removal of the tree and then your car insurance company will take it from there but it is important to remember that all car insurance companies handle claims differently.

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