How Do Storms Uproot Trees?

How Do Storms Uproot Trees?

No matter what part of the country you live, bad weather can put a damper on anyone.

If you are a property owner and you have trees around your home, inclement weather can be an even bigger problem.

Today we are going to learn how trees are uprooted by storms.

Tree Service Birmingham AL – Storms Wreak Havoc on Trees

Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornados all can uproot trees. We all know that hurricanes can be quite severe and can bring winds over 100 MPH.

Also, most of us know that tornados can have very powerful winds that can cause serious damage. But thunderstorms also have the power to push over the trees on your property.

Straight line winds produced by thunderstorms and microbursts can violently uproot trees sending them flying into your home. Additionally, soil conditions play a factor as well. Wet saturated soils can cause trees to fall over even in less windy conditions.

Finally, you must take the tree itself into consideration. Softwood trees such as pines are less resistant to the wind than other species such as hardwood oaks.

If you have lots of pine trees around your home and live in a place where storms are prevalent you should be wary. For more information on tree removal services, please read below.

Hire A Tree Removal Service Before It’s Too Late

If you have trees that have been planted too close to your home and are posing a risk to your property, why not do something about them?

Hiring a tree removal service to safely cut down your trees will protect your home and even the well being of your family.

Each year people are killed by falling trees, so why wait to have something done about it? The cost of hiring a tree removal service is well worth how much it would cost if a tree fell onto your home.

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