How to Spot Dangerous Trees

How to Spot Dangerous Trees

If you live under any trees you must accept the fact that these trees can potentially become dangerous over time. Even if the tree is healthy, natural weather patterns can result in a tree falling on your house or yard.

To be safe, it is best to inspect the trees in your yard after each season or after a heavy storm. There are several different things you should be mindful of.

Root Inspection: If the roots have decayed, you need to call a professional as soon as possible. The root system supports and nourishes the tree and if it is rotting the tree is dangerous and more than likely needs to be removed immediately.

Also look for: dead branches, the growth of funguses around the base of the tree, and cracked or raised soil.

Trunk Inspection: You will want to look for cracks or hollow areas in the trunk because these can both be signs of disease although having a hollow area does not always mean the tree is unhealthy. Look to see if there are places on the tree where the bark has come off. Be wary of wood shavings as this can mean insects have taken over the tree.

Also if a tree has more than two trucks inspect each base for weakness.

Canopy Inspection: If your tree is dropping a bunch of dead branches this can be a bad sign. Be sure to be aware of rot on dead branches that are falling although tree branches will occasionally fall if they do not have much access to the sunlight.

Full Tree Inspection: When observing a tree you want to see if the tree may be leaning, if there are patches in the canopy where there is no longer foliage, or lots of dead branches. Some of these symptoms can indicate that a tree may be dying. It is best to call a professional before the tree potentially damages your house or property.

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