It’s Time to Prune Your Trees!

It’s Time to Prune Your Trees!

man with chainsaw on a tree pruning away dead branchesYour trees are one of your landscape’s greatest assets. They serve as shade, privacy, they provide a source of oxygen, and of course they also add beauty to your landscape and home.

Trees thrive when they are maintained, which is why our professional arborists take the time to inspect trees and assess their condition.

If you take great care of them they will stay healthy for years to come.

The Pruning Process

Being proactive about the condition and health of your trees can prevent future damage to your home that is caused by falling trees in the event of a storm for example.

We will examine the overall health of your tree and decide if there are any dead or diseased branches, if there are they will be removed. 

Also we will thin out areas whereas the branches are too thick, this allows the air to circulate better through the tree which allows them to grow better.

Additionally, we will prune branches in an effort to help shape your tree.

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