Tree Maintenance & Pruning in Birmingham, AL

Tree Maintenance and Tree Pruning

man with climbing equipment on tree cutting off errant branches
Tree Pruning and proper tree care is our specialty.

Anyone with a chainsaw can cut a tree down, but experience to properly prune and maintain trees.  Here are a few examples of different types of tree pruning options:

man on bucket crane chainsawing errant tree limbs

Canopy Thinning/ Cleaning

By far our most popular pruning service is canopy thinning. The strength of the main beams in most tree species of trees are proportional to the pressure that they experience from external forces such as wind, snow, ice, and rain. This reaction process is called “reactionary growth”. In canopy thinning, the goal is to reduce the tree’s “sail effect” by 10%-25% by simply thinning out it’s dead, dying, crossing, and interfering branches. Also, we focus on proportionally pruning the tree’s interior branches/leaves as, due to low light/low photosynthesis, they do not provide the tree with the same ROI in food productions as the exterior branches in full sun.


Vista Pruning

Vista pruning is the process of pruning windows out of the tree’s canopy in order to obtain a better view.

A nice house almost hidden by healthy looking trees

Canopy lifting

Similar to vista pruning, canopy lifting many times is performed to clear out branches that have grown around, and are blocking views from elevated decks. Also, we often raise the canopy of trees that have grown down onto the roofs of houses.

densely grown tree leaves

Crown Reduction

From time to time tall trees are planted in low areas. In these instances crown reduction cuts are needed to redirect the tree’s growth away from the object they are growing toward.