Trees: Helping Us Live Longer

Trees: Helping Us Live Longer

Did you know that living near green spaces can help you live longer? People who live closer to the great outdoors seem to actually  live longer and happier lives.

Recent studies have shown that people who live near green spaces have better mental health and are 34% less likely to die from illness of the respiratory system.

The same study also found that there was a 13% reduction in dying from certain cancers. This is great news for those who live near nature and promising news for the rest of us.

Planting A Tree Can Help Us All Live Longer

If everyone planted one tree, just think of all the lives that could be made better based on these studies? How do trees actually help us to live longer?

When you are around green spaces with lots of trees, your body naturally has less stress. As we all know, stress can cause a lot of dangerous medical ailments, and it has been linked to causes of cancer.

The less stress you endure the healthier you will be. Furthermore, trees help us breathe better by cleansing the air around us. Air that is free from pollutants is healthy for us, and will reduce the chances of contracting respiratory illnesses.

Take Care of Your Trees

If you are lucky enough to have trees on your property be sure to take care of them. When trees die or become old and sickly, they can pose a threat to anyone walking around them.

By calling your local tree removal service, you can have any dead trees safely removed. This will free you from liability and make room for new trees to grow. Proper tree management will allow you to safely enjoy your green space for many years to come.

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