Did You Know Trees Sleep?

Did You Know Trees Sleep?

Did you know that trees sleep? Just like human’s trees are ruled by a 24 hour clock.

The sun and its cycles set the pace for everything alive on earth. When the sun goes down we go to bed and so do trees.

But how do they sleep?  They actually have a process that assists them in falling asleep. Lets learn more about this strange and unique process.

Tree Service Birmingham AL – How Trees Sleep

The process trees use to go to sleep is very slow. Scientists that have studied trees using high-tech lasers have found that trees slowly go into sleep mode after the sun has goes down.

During this process, the trees branches dip as low as 10 centimeters. The trees relax their branches, which gives them time to rejuvenate.

Normally all of this takes place two hours after sunset and is completed before the sun rises again. This is a very interesting process and is simply amazing to witness!

Take Care of Your Trees

If you have trees on your property, you should do your best to care for them. Just like humans trees need to be taken care of all year long. There are a couple of simple things you can do to help your trees live a long happy life.

Hiring a tree service to prune your trees once a year will help to get rid of dead limbs that can be dangerous. Pruning will also encourage your trees to put on new growth which will keep them looking beautiful all year long. So contact your local tree service today!

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